Sexual Wellness Revolution: Exploring the Surprising Health Benefits of Adult Toys

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a sexual revolution going on. Wellness is now inscribed on the revolutionary banner, as sexuality is recognized as an essential part of a well-rounded human life.

Sexuality finally being acknowledged as a pillar of human health has lifted the veil on sexual practices once deemed too “X-rated” for public discussion. The use of adult toys is just one of those practices. And it’s about time we got over ourselves on the sex toy front because it turns out that playing with them is really fun–and good for you!

If you’re new to adult toys, I hope this discussion will serve as a friendly introduction. Let’s talk about some of the many ways sex toys can revolutionize your love play, whether coupled or solo, supporting better overall health.

Overcoming Stigma

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Between 2017 and 2023, sex toy ownership increased hugely in the USA (from 135 million unique owners to 163 million). This enormous uptake occurred due to a number of key social factors.

Women were one big part of the adult toy market growth equation, translating sexual empowerment into ownership of an adult toy. But the pandemic accelerated this effect. People were confined to their homes, looking for something to do. And sex is something! Couples and singles alike decided to make the most of quarantine and adult toys were a delightful part of that.

Prior to this latest surge in interest in adult toys, it was the advent of the internet that broke the taboo for many too shy to walk into a sex shop to purchase one. Indeed, the internet is an online market perfectly adapted to the marketing of sex toys, democratizing it with behind-the-screen anonymity. All these factors contributed to de-stigmatizing adult toys, creating a growing interest among people from all walks of life.

Adding Healthy Adventure to Coupled Love

There are many ways to live as a couple these days, including polyamory and other sexually open arrangements, like throuples. But monogamous couples are getting in on the revolutionary action, adding adventure, texture, and new sensations to their sexual repertoires.

Adult toys for couples represent a growing sector of the sex toy market as couples seek out new experiences that keep relationships sexually healthy. Part of the interest in sex toys hinges on orgasm as a physical event that improves health for people of both sexes. But mostly, it seems that couples enjoy using adult toys for the broadened horizons that come into the bedroom with them! Those horizons may include dabbling in BDSM, third parties joining their sex play, or even attending a sex party.

Through sexual exploration, couples learn to communicate more effectively as they rediscover their partners’ sexual response and their own. Openness is a key reason adult toys offer so much benefit to sex partners of all kinds. Openness and communication are so much healthier than silence.

Self Advocacy and Empowerment

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Coupled or solo, every human being deserves sexual wellness. Because this facet of human health has now been unequivocally identified as crucial, there should be no barriers to achieving it, including the physical ones that exist for those who are differently-abled and/or mobility challenged.

Innovative new adult devices make sexual wellness easier to achieve for mobility-challenged and differently-abled people. With features like automatic thrusting and hands-free use, these toys are mountable by various means. Whisper quiet sex machine/vibrator hybrids provide a means for differently-abled people to advocate for their sexual wellness by taking ownership of it.

Vendors in the market are bringing people what they need as they raise the revolutionary banner for sexual wellness. Part of that effort is in remembering the mobility-challenged and differently-abled as sexual beings. This rising tide in the adult toy market lifts all boats a little higher.

Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin

One of the most important aspects of sexual wellness is feeling good in your own skin. Feeling comfortable with your body, your sexual capacity and sexuality, and the idea of sharing sexual pleasure with someone else, is key. Some people have difficulty expressing themselves sexually in solo masturbation.

A tremendously welcome gift of adult toys is confidence. Far too many people experience anxiety in coupled sex for a variety of reasons. With erotic helpers like sexual enhancers, anxiety is set aside, pleasure ensues, and confidence grows. Helping people accept their own bodies and feel free enough to enjoy them alone or with someone else, these erotic tools open the door to empowered pleasure.

Sexual enhancers free people to fully engage with the sexual experience, instead of their often baseless fears about it. Conquering anxiety around sex adds to robust sexual confidence and overall wellness, paving the way for the intense healing offered by orgasms.

Freedom and Total Health

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The freedom to explore the power of the orgasm and its ability to lower blood pressure, improve heart health, bust stress, and decrease anxiety is at the foundation of the popular embrace of adult toys. Because attitudes have changed so profoundly, the freedom to discover the gifts of adult toys brings with it the exciting prospect of taking personal charge of a key aspect of your health.

For every one of us, adult toys offer a somatically-engaged pathway to sexual wellness and greatly enhanced overall health. With the sexual wellness revolution in full swing, isn’t it time you got in on it?

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